Increased Organic Market Share In E-commerce Segment

As a unique e-marketplace, Shopmatic helps its audience take their business online with a sleek and hassle-free website building platform. The platform helps create unique and professional stores online with all the in-built features required for a complete e-Commerce ecosystem. To increase their market share in a highly competitive market, Shopmatic
was heavily invested in paid media campaigns but were still unable to build an organic footprint.


Increase in
Website Visitors


Reduction in
Bounce Rate


Pages Visited
Per User

With successful implementation of MTLB’s SEO strategy within their framework, Shopmatic understood the true potential of organic listing and the effect it had on their paid campaigns. Apart from the reduction in cost for acquiring new customers through paid campaigns, Shopmatic realized that the users acquired organically were also much better engaged, and were more loyal towards the brand.

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For a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced, the solutions arrived at, and the results achieved.

It’s been a delight working with MTLB since the last quarter of 2018. Sidharth Goel leads a very fine team that’s not just responsive but extremely earnest in helping you accomplish your digital marketing goals- SEO & ASO in particular.

Shenaz Bapooji Speaking about MTLB Services
Shenaz Bapooji
CMO, Shopmatic Group
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