Data Integrations Helps Enhance Marketing Performance

Prestige wanted to understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by analyzing the user online and offline interactions with their brand. With our custom data implementation and M-Stitch integration, we helped Prestige understand the digital and offline footprints of their audience and ROI profitability of the third-party marketing platforms.



With custom integrations within the data pipeline, Prestige Group realized the potential of analyzing their website audience data at a user granular level. Prestige also learned about the individual user behavior which helped them build a robust communication strategy to cater to their audience with the right content at the right platform at the right time.

With successful M-Stitch integration to their data platform, we helped Prestige better understand their overall marketing performance. They soon realized that their content marketing campaigns were outperforming other marketing platforms to deliver the highest number of conversions. Based on the fresh insights, we helped Prestige transform their budget allocation strategy which eventually resulted in an overall increase of 20.59% in the website’s conversion rate.

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It’s been a delight working with MTLB since the last quarter of 2018. Sidharth Goel leads a very fine team that’s not just responsive but extremely earnest in helping you accomplish your digital marketing goals- SEO & ASO in particular.

Shenaz Bapooji Speaking about MTLB Services
Shenaz Bapooji
CMO, Shopmatic Group
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