Fintech Increased Conversions By 250% In 3 Months

KNAB Finance had been riding on Search Network with Display Select campaign that was becoming far more expensive and returning less on their investments. MTLB’s approach brought down its noneligible queries by 37% and was able to decrease its cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by 89%.


Increase in Lead Form Completions


Boost in loan disbursal amount

Throughout the campaign, MTLB was able to plug the gaps and provide value in realtime by generating 41% more leads in merely 3 months, giving a boost to their dispersal by 250%. Without having to create a huge number of campaigns KNAB Finance was able to receive relevant traffic that was interested in their products and matched their eligibility criteria prompting quick disbursal of business loans.

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For a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced, the solutions arrived at, and the results achieved.

It’s been a delight working with MTLB since the last quarter of 2018. Sidharth Goel leads a very fine team that’s not just responsive but extremely earnest in helping you accomplish your digital marketing goals- SEO & ASO in particular.

Shenaz Bapooji Speaking about MTLB Services
Shenaz Bapooji
CMO, Shopmatic Group
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