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The answer is no.

Then why do you need professionals to do it right? All platforms, tools and data are right there in the big, bustling freely accessed world of the Internet. Rarely, do you need any special accesses or qualifications to use or interpret it. Yet, why is it wiser to hand over your digital marketing to a professional team?

Because it’s still science. And because you deserve perfection.

Would you hand over your car to just anyone who knows driving, or someone who at least has a license and some years of experience? By choosing a professional, certified digital marketing agency, you make sure your online drive is in safe hands.

With easy access to DM tools online, you may have the freedom to err and learn, but are the lost time, money and recourses worth it? Instead, why not brief a professional team who will be expertly able to gauge your current digital status and requirements and make the right changes in the online strategy (or create a new one, if need be) to secure tangible results and improve performance considerably.

The digital world is so dynamic and fluid that time plays a very crucial role in success of a campaign and especially in beating the aggressive competition. With a professional agency, you can gain a head start in the right direction, while making sure you derive value from your investment.

For a digital agency to become a certified partner requires them to have a certain level of advertising spend and have a My Client Center account that has been in use for at least 90 days. This ensures that the agency has the required experience in terms of campaign sizes and durations. There are also certain other benchmarks that need to be fulfilled, which further ensure that the agency’s skills in campaign management are well honed. This includes effective keyword analysis, which implies that the applicant has mastered the concept of applying relevant keywords in their client’s account to be able to maximize performance and ROI.

Google itself is constantly evolving its PPC processes, in line with the latest Internet marketing trends. Thus, the exam is also constantly evolving to keep the material updated and include newest features.

While choosing a digital marketing agency for your business, the following things should be kept in mind:

  1. Make sure they actually possess a certificate from Google for Adwords certification that is no more than 2 years old.
  2. Request case studies and testimonials from their previous clients, to understand their efficiency and track record.

Managing PPC campaigns requires both time as well as in-depth understanding of search engine dynamics. Partnering with a certified team will not only ensure better results, but also save you time to concentrate on your own specialties in the business.

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