If the users love navigating your site,
they are going to keep coming back


If the users love navigating your site, they are going to keep coming back

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Process Flow


User Personas | Competitor Analysis | Navigation Flows
Research is the basis of developing the information architecture of your website. By studying the user personas and intent, strategic UX designs of direct and indirect competition and exploring the various navigation flows that can boost the effectiveness of your UX, we align our design thinking and experience with your goals. This research-oriented approach is the key strength of our web design consultation that helps deliver strategic web-based solutions for your product or service.


Information Architecture | Page Layouts | Navigation Prototypes
Our IA planning ensures that the visual experience and the information you want to give on your website are in-sync, and flow effectively. We design your IA after a thorough study of the content, data and experiences you want on the website. The resulting wireframe is robust and gives birth to appealing and purposeful page layouts. Multiple levels of navigation prototyping is done to ensure the user experience design is smooth and delightful.


The UI is the first impression of your website on your customer. It is also the representation of your product, organisation and team. It has to be perfect. Our robust web design consultation and strategy ensures that your design does not deviate from its purpose, while offering a window into the brand philosophy of your company.


HTML | CSS | Javascript
In order to develop a fulfilling user experience, the front end development needs to be neat, smooth and user-friendly. With smart use of the latest technologies and effective application of market intelligence and innovation, we develop the front-end of the website in line with its user-interface. This process of translating a brilliant design into a functionable code helps in aligning the navigation and information flow with the purpose of your website.


PI Setting | On-site & Remote Testing
Our web design project management isn’t complete without testing the UX & UI thoroughly. Based on your objectives, we define the Goals or Performance Indicators (PI) for your website. Usability testing is done to ensure the effectiveness of the UX design based on the PIs at multiple levels. The checks are conducted on site as well as off-site so that the quality is not compromised in any situation. Based on test feedback, the web experience is perfected and moved to development.

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