Execute Strategic Campaigns

Using strong ideas, brilliant visualization,
and compelling communication

Execute Strategic Campaigns

Using strong ideas, brilliant visualization, and compelling communication

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We specialise in executing strategic advertising campaigns that combine the potency of strong ideas, brilliant visuals and compelling communication across platforms. Our strategic advertising campaigns are targeted towards bringing tangible results and meeting your marketing and business objectives. Whether you’re looking for brand building, brand positioning, new market capture, an increase in sales, or have a unique business challenge to address. Talk to our marketing consultants to gain valuable insights on industry-wise and platform-wise marketing tactics and successful brand messaging. We help you devise a comprehensive marketing strategy keeping your target audience and business objectives in mind. We design and execute ad campaigns that leverage the best possible marketing mix, based on comprehensive market research, and thorough understanding of the target markets.

Campaign Planning Process

Strategic-Campaigns | MTLB


The bases of any good campaign is thorough research. Our marketing planning consultants and strategists study the brand and its offerings in depth along with its direct and indirect competitors to define a clear position of the product or service for the campaign.

Target Audience

Identifying the right target audience is the key to campaign planning in advertising. Everything from the medium of communication to the use of imagery and the platforms of execution, is defined by the behaviour and intent of your target audience.


When people buy a product or a service, what they’re actually buying is the story it tells. Whether it is a practical choice like an electronic device or a fashion accessory, stories make the world go round and that is exactly what we master while bringing your brand to life and creating a compelling messaging around it.


The next step in campaign action planning is to define the form in which the story will be told. The campaign may consist of a series of compelling creatives in the same medium or use a combination of media to deliver the story to the audience in an effective way. Depending on the platforms, the creatives are visualised and then developed into creative art forms by the combined efforts of our art directors and copywriters.


Optimisation of the promotional platforms is achieved by creating well-adapted visuals and effectively deploying the media across various locations and audience sets.

Create Conversation

Most campaigns involve online integration, where the objective is to engage the audience in meaningful conversations with the brand that go a long way to establish the credibility and top-of-mind priority for it.

Measure & Analyse

We are a strategic ad agency and all our marketing efforts are fueled by ideas and backed by data. Creating a measurable impact is what we aim for and implement it by defining and effectively measuring the impact of our campaigns on all platforms.


Effective use of data from past campaigns helps us provide you with optimised ways to execute future campaigns by recognising, analysing, and implementing key learnings at every stage.

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