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Once upon a time, advertising meant creating something, buying media for it and then, waiting for a response with fingers crossed.

Not anymore. Digital marketing has erased the blind spots of traditional media. It lets you measure campaign performance as well as ROI by data recording, analytics and A/B testing. What’s more, equipped with first-hand data and tools it helps you draw valuable insights about user behaviour and product response and thus, optimise your campaign from time to time to maximize ROI, without asking you to shell out a bomb at once.

Do you still wish to grope in the dark?

By excluding digital advertising in your marketing mix, you close doors to a more focused, accountable and efficient way of reaching your customer, making decisions and accelerating conversion. Digital marketing offers you the power of data. The amount and quality of data you can derive out of your online advertising campaigns is incredible! It does more than helping you focus your marketing efforts towards the most promising segments:

• Improve user experience: Keyword analysis can reveal exactly what kind of solutions your customers are looking for. You can use these insights to improve your product experience, enhance services or expand your scope of offerings.

• Track industry trends: By monitoring the relative change in keyword frequencies you can identify trends, predict customer behaviour and keep your brand in step with consumer expectations.

• Make budget decisions: Data from digital campaigns lets you account for ROIs. This can help you take key decisions for future marketing campaigns, resource funneling and communication design.

A smart way to reap the power of digital data is to work with a team of digital marketing experts, which includes campaign managers, data analysts, digital designers, SEO writers and brand strategists who create a campaign tailored to your objectives, and optimise it using intelligent data analysis to drive measurable results for you.

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