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Digital Campaigns

Digital campaigns are strategically planned inorganic campaigns that utilise one or more of your digital assets to communicate or draw traffic to a desired platform. They are result-oriented, ROI driven, allow great budget flexibility and thus, are increasingly becoming popular to meet a variety of marketing objectives. We provide complete campaign planning and management services that are acutely targeted, based experience and thorough on market research.

Adwords Campaigns, cpc campaigns, bing campaigns, search network campaigns, display network campaigns

CPC Campaigns

Cost-per-click (CPC) ads are text or display ads on the search network that allow you to pay only for the targetted leads you receive. Google Adwords is a tool provided by Google to assist in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Network. We have a team of Google Certified professionals, qualified campaign managers along with experienced digital designers and writers who strategise and manage your Google Campaigns, oriented to your brand / organisation’s objectives.

email campaign management and services

Email Campaign

An email campaign is a coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to escalate persuasive messages to purchase, subscribe, download, etc. We structure email campaigns structured by our specialised team with a coordinated set of individual email marketing messages delivered at intervals with an overall objective in mind. Our team designs and craft contents so that each message is novel, yet relevant and contains the required media links, without losing focus on the ‘call to action’.

MTLB Social Media Campaigns, Digital Campaigns, SMM campaigns

Social Campaigns

Social campaigns are strategically planned and targetted CPC or CPM ad campaigns across a social network(s) to serve objectives ranging from visibility and education to lead generation and online sales. Our team of social media managers strategise for our clients to optimise the right social platforms to market products, brands and services to the desired target audience. We specialise in driving results using a combination of social media tools including page management, targeted likes campaigns, third-party-clicks, retargeting, boost post, etc.

MTLB Integrated campaigns across social display and search networks

Being experts in digital marketing, we strategise, plan and execute integrated campaigns that utilise a multiplicity of media including Social, Google and traditional to send across targeted messages, directed towards a specific brand objective.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns