Social Media Advertisements

A surefire way to increase engagement
and brand awareness

Social Media Advertisements

A surefire way to increase engagement and brand awareness

Social media advertisements | MTLB

Social Media is the single most effective direct line of communication that the brands can have with their prospective customers and we, at MTLB, know how to leverage its power in the best manner possible. Be it defining the right audience, crafting the right message and/or experimenting to find the best fit for our client and customer, we strive towards driving long-term benefits and incremental value creation by judicious and strategic use of media spent as an ideal social media marketing company should function.

Social media advertisements | MTLB

Our Approach: The Data First Approach

Define Goals

As a progressive social marketing agency, at the heart of all our social media campaigns is measurement which can’t be successful if the client goals are not properly defined and tracking to back them up is not in place. Whether it is brand awareness, outreach, lead generation, sales, etc, we help the client refine their goals and ensure that the requisite tracking is set up accordingly.

Define The Funnel

Each business objective will have different stages of the user interaction funnel. By actively identifying them, we can devise the appropriate communication to get through to the right audience.

Define KPIs

How can a Facebook advertising company measure success for their campaigns across different social media platforms? Key Performance Indicators not only help us to quantify the success but also help us understand where we could have gone wrong and how we can improve on it going forward.

How We Make The Impact

Customize Your Targeting:

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn offer different ways of targeting your potential audience but how well do you know if they’re really your target audience. This is where we use user personas and audience insights to understand whose our target audience and then define the same across different social marketing platforms.

Define Strategy:

Our strategy is not focused on tweaking with the advertising communication or experimenting with the target audience. It is a broad level plan which takes into consideration client’s business goal, User funnel, KPIs, targeting options, creative design, advertising communication and all other factors which necessitate the success of a social media campaign.

Launch Campaigns:

Now in accordance with the strategy, we determine what kind of campaigns need to be set up with the respective targeting, budgets, creatives and advertising communication.

A/B Testing:

No campaign is complete without delivering incremental benefits to the client and this where we use A/B testing to determine what could perform even better be it creatives, communication, targeting, etc. This helps us to be among the top social media marketing companies in India.

Growing the Business

Scale: Just as businesses grow, so does their need to scale up the marketing operations which we, at MTLB, manage with increased resources and advanced capabilities. Each account has a dedicated Account Manager, Strategist, Paid Social Manager and Operations specialists and with increased spending, we structure our team, technologies, and platforms to in such a way which is cost effective and strategic than hiring an in-house team.

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