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What are Social Media Campaigns?

Before I explain what a social media campaign is, let us define the word “campaign” in terms of marketing.

“A campaign is a series of promotional messages or activities directed towards achievement of a specific objective.”

Thus, a print campaign consists of a series of ads or advertorials with a common communication. When the same is done through a series of billboards or ambient creations, it is called an outdoor campaign. Sometimes a campaign spreads across multiple media including print, TV and outdoors.

The same is true for social media campaigns. When a campaign is executed on a single or multiple social media platforms, it becomes a social media campaign.


The big deal is its ability to establish interaction, attract engagement, analyse response and derive ROIs for the promoters. The big deal is the scope of experimentation and technological integration it offers to create magic in brand communications! The big deal is also that today your audience is on Social Media more than on any of the other traditional platform and that is where you want to grab their attention the most.

When you have a well-defined objective for a brand, it is only fair that you would want to evaluate your results and establish to what extent were you able to fulfill the objective. Social Media platforms give you the power.

Social Media also offers immense opportunity to define your TG in terms of demographics, interests, online behaviors and devices used. This helps you make a more targeted and efficient plan for your campaign and save costs on wasted communication as in case of newspapers, radio and the like.

How is it different from Social Media Management?

Your social media pages are your online assets. They are important for maintaining your brand presence and following. However, they do not themselves define a brand objective. They, in fact, communicate multiple ideas, promotions and updates to your followers, while keeping them engaged with the brand in different ways.

Social Media Campaigns, however, are directed towards a single, pre-defined objective. They usually consist of a very engaging idea supported by communication designs created for a specific duration. They require greater and more focused investment in time, money and resources and good campaign planners always evaluate the returns on your investment on each campaign.

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