Improve your website’s visibility & help people find you


Improve your website’s visibility & help people find you

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For millions of brands with a digital presence, a business opportunity begins at the search results. At the heart of this opportunity is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which although widely used, is one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of marketing. While most businesses understand what SEO is and why it’s important, they however fail when it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy and limit themselves at just creating content around keywords which is both taxing and pretty much out-of-date.

As your SEO agency, we see that as a opportunity to help you get ahead of your competitors. Our SEO service framework is build on analytics-driven techniques which along with the application of keyword research, helps to improve your website or mobile apps visibility to the search engines and your customers while driving up your ROIs.

The SEO Strategy Process Flow

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Technical Audit

Before one starts to fix things, it is important to be sure of what’s broken. Our comprehensive and data-driven approach to SEO optimization begins with a deep dive technical audit of your website, app store, and other assets. This includes and is not limited to checking the UI/UX, content, links, tags, page errors, robots, sitemap etc. This audit allows us to get a fair estimation of what’s lacking and make recommendations for resources required, ease of implementation, timelines and expected impact.

Competitive Insights

SEO competitive analysis is a very critical part of the process because it gives us the data about the tactics that are successfully working in an industry and helps us to strategize better. The insights are also helpful in determining the strongest and weakest points of your competitor and how much effort would be required to outperform them.
As your Search Engine Optimization Agency, we’ll research the market activity, trends, and competitive data to identify and capitalize on new opportunities. This includes an in-depth analysis of authority and trust metrics, competitive backlink profiles, customer intent signals, visibility scores, and ranking data for the most important keywords to your business.

Content Strategy

The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position. And just like economics, content is also governed by supply and demand. It is important to understand your visitors and know how they are searching for your products/services before setting out to write the content. By conducting a deep-dive audit into the keywords, our SEO specialists develop actionable insights that are used by the content development team.

On-Page Optimization

In the older days of SEO, On-Page Optimization merely meant keyword placement. But now, with much evolved search algorithms, the evaluations have become much more complex. MTLB’s professional SEO services readily incorporate these factors while working on the SEO strategy and aim to build websites that provide phenomenal User experience, have uniquely valuable content, is crawler/bot accessible, multi-device ready, and of-course has optimized keyword-targeting elements.

Off-Page Optimization

Our SEO strategy usually starts with On-Page optimization but it doesn’t stop there. In fact, it just accounts for 30% of the work. To a large extent, the thing that govern your search engine rankings happen away from your website. With a comprehensive Off-page SEO strategy, we help to optimize your brand’s online and offline footprint through the use of content, relationships, and links to create an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawl bots. It typically leads to gradual increases in positive brand mentions, search rankings, traffic to your site, and conversions.

Reporting and Analytics

Our team of SEO specialists and account managers are trained in the various analytics packages: Google Analytics, Omniture, CoreMetrics, BrightEdge, etc. This expertise is essential in tracking implementation results, creating reports, providing recommendations, and diagnosing traffic changes. Our team is also well-versed in other third-party tools and can incorporate important KPIs into our reports.

Ongoing Consulting

At MTLB, the SEO services don’t stop when the audit has been delivered and SEO strategy has been implemented. Our goal is to support you through the ever-changing algorithm adjustments, search engine guidelines, and user experience requirements for which we offer ongoing consulting.

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