Retargeting Campaigns

Always be there in a potential customer’s mind

Retargeting Campaigns

Always be there in a potential customer’s mind

Retargeting (or remarketing) is the most cost-effective and highly profitable way of targeting people who have at least once interacted with your product or service offering. By targeting previous visitors (or buyers) to your website or app at the right moment with the right communication, you can maximize your ROI manifolds which is where MTLB, an accomplished segmented retargeting agency can help you achieve it. A sound remarketing strategy coupled with its downright execution, optimization and presenting retargeting strategy audits reports while delivering incremental benefits month-over-month, is what we work towards for all our clients.

Our Approach: The Data-First Approach

Check Goals

What are your goals? Brand awareness, brand outreach, lead generation, sales? Is your tracking in place? Are the numbers accurate? Pertinent questions revolving around goal and goal tracking form the foundation basis of our marketing practices and without which, we don’t go ahead with any campaigns

Define KPIs

How can we measure success for our campaigns? Key Performance Indicators not only help us to quantify our success but also help us understand where we could have gone wrong and how we can improve on it going forward.

How We Make The Impact

Defining the Strategy

Strategy won’t just focus on the communication being sent out in the creative or the medium used for the communication. It will be a broad level plan that will encompass features such as communication, creative design, advertising delivery platform, advertising targeting opportunities and all the other prerequisites to make the campaign execution a success.

Selecting Retargeting Vendors

Do you want Site Retargeting or Search Retargeting, Self-Serve or Full-Serve Retargeting? What is your platform’s reach and recency? What are the audience targeting and advertisement creation features available? And many more relevant questions are asked as part of the research before narrowing down to any remarketing agency.

Optimization and A/B Testing

Once the campaign is set up as per the defined strategy and performance starts flowing in, the focus moves towards optimization. Instead of only sticking with standard practices such as audience segmentation and frequency capping, as a targeted advertising company we also focus on defining a test strategy where we test a various combination of placements, creative and communication to optimize the advertising spend and maximize the ROI.

Growing the Business

Scale: Just as businesses grow, so does their need to scale up the marketing operations which we, at MTLB, handle with increased resources and advanced capabilities. Each account has a dedicated account manager, strategist, retargeting manager, and operations specialists and with increased spending, we structure our team, technologies and platforms to in such a way which is cost effective and strategic than hiring an in-house team.

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