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Why resort to cheap luring tactics online?


Customers today are more informed about products, features and options than they ever were. With access to information becoming extremely easy through social sharing, it is impossible to lure them with overpromises or twisted facts, unless they are extremely lazy!

Then why not play the game from your customer’s side? Why not help them choose and make buying decisions based on information, instead of showing them brightly animated offers and leaving the research to them? Talk to them about their problems and tell them how your product or service can help them solve those problems. Talk about your brand’s ideas and how they are unique to the industry; awe them by assuming a leadership role in your field.

Thought leadership is a strategy only confident brands can dare to take up. But when they do, they can be more confident of their success than most others in the field.


Thought leadership is a form of content marketing where you spread your ideas aimed at influencing customer actions towards your brand or product through a paid network of digital spaces. It is achieved through strategically placed links that lead to comprehensively developed articles, images, videos or a combination of such elements designed to help customers make an informed choice for a specific product or industry.

The following is an example of content marketing aimed at thought leadership.

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The idea is to talk to the target audiences when and where they are looking for information, not where they are hoping for entertainment. The link itself is choice given to them to read, move on or save for reading later. Thus, there is nothing intruding about it. Information delivered in this way is generally taken more seriously. Of course, expertise is needed in designing the perfect communication as well as the placement strategy to reap optimum results from your communications to establish the ‘thought leadership’ position.

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