Paid Search Campaigns

Reach out to the people who are searching
for you

Paid Search Campaigns

Reach out to the people who are searching for you

Paid search Marketing | MTLB

We at MTLB strongly believe in placing data at the heart of all your acquisition campaigns. Be it running your existing campaigns more effectively, expanding your current acquisition rates or helping you scale up your marketing multifold. At the heart of any search acquisition campaign is the need for optimisation to meet and exceed your measurable goals. Making acquisition data-centric helps you focus on what really matters to your business.

Paid Search Marketing | MTLB

Our Approach: The Data First Strategy

Set Goals

The first step to Data First acquisition campaign is to set-up proper tracking details, which ensure that data is recorded in the manner which lets us take effective business decisions. As a Paid Search specialist, be it the conversions, leads or branding goals, it is important for us to know how Paid Search is affecting your acquisition.

Define The Funnel

We ensure that your marketing funnels are placed right. Each acquisition campaign is important from a different perspective. Identifying which campaigns are addressable to which part of the funnel is a critical component of the Data First search acquisitions.

Define Addressable Market Opportunity

The next step is to define the market opportunity that is existing within the goals we have outlined for the business. Run extensive research on what our users are searching for, when, where and how they are looking to connect with a business such as yours. We focus on Outcome Based Strategies.

How We Make The Impact

Focus On Intent

For a Search Engine Marketing Agency, intent of the user is extremely useful when managing your Adwords/ Bing Search Campaigns: Is the user closer to the end of the funnel or at the top of the funnel? Making these informed decisions with the help of marketing funnels and data can not only help you manage costs better but also help you grow revenue’s exponentially. A good SEM agency would advise you in a similar way.

Address Intent With Actionable / Gratification

Now that we have a user persona, it’s important to offer gratification / actionables to the prospect. How is it that the users’ searches can be addressed? Can we give them an offer or a reason to select your product / service?

Launch Campaigns

Every client is unique and so is the value proposition. After identifying the different underlying themes, we group them under different campaigns with the appropriate communication and proceed with the campaign launch.

Campaign Optimization: Optimizing campaigns is a tricky business as there is no one-size-fits-all method, so how can one go about ensuring that campaigns don’t just perform well but deliver incremental benefits? Enter our optimization trifecta:

  1. Targeting Optimization: Keywords, bids and ad copies constitute the most important part of our communication with our prospective customer.
  2. Funnel Optimization: Understanding which user is at what stage of the funnel and then retargeting them with the appropriate communication.
  3. Test, test and test again: No campaign is complete without exploring all the possible ways of maximizing its value for the client.  

Growing the Business

Scale : Just as businesses grow, so does their need to scale up the marketing operations which we, at MTLB – Google adwords partner agency, handle with increased resources and advanced capabilities. Each account has a dedicated account manager, strategist, paid search specialist and operations manager and with increased spending, we structure our team, technologies and platforms to in such a way which is cost effective and strategic than hiring an in-house team.

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