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How paid marketing affects organic growth

We usually measure the direct impact of paid marketing. Overlooking how it changes users’ behaviours and their search habits. The CTAs and keywords they usually see on ads embed at the back of their head. When typing in the search bar, they resurface. Making the search more targeted and specific.

People who saw Facebook ads were more likely to search and click through to an advertiser’s website, with campaigns experiencing an average 6.3% lift in mobile search traffic compared to an average .9% lift on desktop as noted from an analysis by Facebook.


Brand awareness and recall definitely gets a lift. Measuring their performance on conversions directly may not yield good numbers but a pattern can be analysed. As you can see in the below snapshot from Google Analytics from one of our case studies.


Google CPC – nothing invested
Google organic sessions ~ 66,000 per month


Google CPC – something invested
Google organic sessions ~ 75,900 per month, increased by 15%

Google organic sessions ~ 95,700 per month, increased by 45%

As we began investing in paid marketing, the brand retained a space in the customer’s preference list and searched for it organically when the need be. This resulted in the increase in traffic and number of daily sessions. Regularity also showed up.


Less and Irregular sessions on each day of the month


More and Regular sessions every day, only dropping on Sundays.

When consistency begins to appear, you know your brand’s name is floating in the market. It’s existing there and would be caught by the converters easily. And this was seen by statistics as well.


Number of sessions of converters is irregular and the highest it went was till 1771 one fine day.The goal conversion rate is revolving around 80-90%.


Number of sessions got a kind of regular pattern and stopping after short periods. Highest went up to 2292 one day.
The goal conversion rate revolved around 90-100% .

To truly make the most of your data, you need to combine your analytics insights with robust attribution insights.

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