Few Words From Our
Happy Clients, Our Pride

“Our Experience with MTLB has been exceptional- they are professional. It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with them. Ceramic tableware is a leading manufacturer of fine bone china. Initially it was a distributor’s brand & now it has become a consumer brand. MTLB has helped us to make our presence on Facebook with its services.
They listened to my ideas and far surpassed my expectation. I highly recommend MTLB as a social media management partner.”

Divya Agarwal, Director, BP Bharat

“Our industry is still majorly un-organised, but we have managed to organise ourselves as a specialised and leading manufacturer. Since a lot of alternatives and competition to our products started popping-up recently, with help of MTLB we strategically placed ourselves as a quality manufacturer and marketed ourselves to our target customer in a better way and created a brand recall value for our brand ‘Clay Craft’.
Yes, the quality of service matches the industry standard. We believe, listening and understanding the customer’s requirement is the primary job in service industry and MTLB sure did a great job in that. For us, the best part is that they’re based locally (in Jaipur) and hence planning for any new strategies is more effective with them.”

Deepak Agrawal, Director, Clay Craft

“We aspire to be the benchmark of beauty and styling services in Jaipur. (Our challenge was) Gaining our foot in an industry, which is word of mouth driven. The initial traction and trust-building took a while. MTLB has created a wonderful website for us. The website has firmly established our digital presence, and apart from driving up our brand equity, will also help in getting more clients. Most certainly, the website is chic and meets the best design expectations.
They (MTLB team) are prompt, accountable, and receptive to feedback. This makes the entire process a cakewalk for me as a client.”

Natasha Singh Chauhan, Founder / Owner, Tangerine – The Boutique Salon

“Our company’s objective is effective communication & getting the message across in a clear & effective way, positioning MWC-J as a world class business destination. Creating intangible value in the eyes of the customers; and creating brand loyalty.
Challenges faced initially were a mismatch in the brief & understanding & lack of understanding of the business. Of course they helped us by giving a clear understanding of the business clearly reflecting through output. The best part about working with MTLB is fast Response Time/Fresh Outlook/Adaptability/Flexible approach.”

Anurag Vijay, Assistant Manager, Mahindra World City

“MTLB is an agency, which is not only flexible, creative & professional, but also care about delivering results. The team always finds time to listen & deliver solutions according to our needs. They immerse themselves in understanding any brief, & deliver an impressive product, every time. The turnaround time to produce the work is also very efficient.
It is an absolute pleasure to work with them. We believe that they are one of the best Marketing & Designing Agencies of Jaipur.”
Kudos to the MTLB Team!

Amit Goyal, COO, Gustora Foods