Omni channel Marketing

Be omnipresent in a multi-platform world

Before people are ready to begin searching online to buy something, they discover the products and services they’ll end up buying through many different channels. There’s not always an impulsive shopper present on the end. Those channels include various review portals, social networking sites and other dedicated apps. They would go through various Moments of Truth before actually making the purchase or sign-up or subscription. Social advertising gained prominence at a time when digital marketers were finally ready to align with an omnichannel approach.

If you as a brand, are just visible on one of these platforms in contrast to your competitor that is present on all platforms with the same CTA and different USPs to showcase, it would remain on top of the customer’s mind when he’s going to take the final plunge. The real deal. The path to purchase is a stumbling journey, hopping between platforms, sites and apps. Your brand needs to support it on every step. Be there to stand by it. Let them know you are available.

For example: This is one of the conversion paths as depicted in an e-commerce player

The user searched for an item on Google, saw our intended ad there. In the moment of purchase, brand recall occurred and it directly went to our site. Browsed a while and social remarketing ads displayed after the user went off. This reminder triggered the user to finally land on the site and make a purchase.

A more graphical representation of the attribution path
omnichannel marketing
Courtesy: ThinkWithGoogle

Digital marketing is continually on the upward curve, taking along marketing budget share with it. But it’s just being limited to some platforms where you THINK the customer can make a purchase or you can get him introduced. But as you know, when approaching somebody in a party, you don’t have to pop up suddenly from behind at different occasions. You have to be there. Subconsciously present. To blend in the vision. The surroundings.

At the end of the day, search inventory is finite. There are only so many people searching for things. Running ads on various channels can not only get more people to search but they can make the search ads work better by instilling brand preference in searchers. Make the channels, the influencers. Leverage the cross-channel impact steadily. Find that sweet spot. Relevant channels can be complementary additions to your marketing portfolio. Test and measure periodically to improve performance. They would help you experiment with approaches, ideas and creatives based on a channel’s perception and usage with consumers, who may or may not be your direct immediate customers now, but somewhere down the line, they’ll be. They would have a brand recall lift in a positive way. Just make sure you don’t bombard them. Just keep roaming around them in the party, and not blocking their view.

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