Native Advertising

Position yourself in a customer’s mind and drive
them to desired actions

Native Advertising

Position yourself in a customer’s mind and drive them to desired actions

Native Advertising | MTLB

Native Advertising is blending your paid advertisements into the form and function of the content around it. MTLB specializes in this form of online marketing by helping brands position themselves in the consumer’s mind and driving consumers to take the desired action. We’re a Native Advertising Agency that engages with clients at early stages of their native advertising campaigns to help understand their objectives. We provide a comprehensive strategy, implement the plans with suitable native advertisements providers and optimize the campaigns to maximize the ROI.  

Native Advertising | MTLB

Our Approach: The Data First Approach

Check Goals

What is the objective of the native digital advertising campaign? Is it direct response, engagement or awareness? Is there an accurate tracking setup to measure the results? Pertinent questions revolving around goal and goal tracking form the foundation basis of our native marketing practices and without it, we don’t go ahead with any campaigns.

Define KPIs:

How can we measure success for our campaigns? Do you want to measure Click through rates or Conversion rates? Key Performance Indicators not only help us to quantify our success but also help us understand where we could have gone wrong and how we can improve on it going forward.

How We Make The Impact

Designing User Personas

When engaging in Paid Content Marketing, every brand has a target audience in mind and by creating user personas, we can perform audience segmentation which can be further used to create targeted advertising communication directed towards audience segments, making the audience more receptive towards our brand.

Selecting Native Ads Vendor:

What is the reach of your publisher network? What advertisement formats are supported? What are the targeting options available? These and many other relevant questions are ascertained from prospective vendors which help us in devising a strategy around them.

Devising Strategy:

Along the lines of the goals, we devise a long-term strategy taking into consideration factors such as audience segmentation, advertisement formats, native advertising platforms, advertising communication, advertising targeting, and delivery options and all the other prerequisites to make the campaign a success.

Optimization & Testing:

Once the campaign is set up as per the defined strategy and performance starts flowing in, the focus moves towards optimization. Instead of only sticking with standard practices such as tweaking the ad formats and ad communication, we’re a Native Ad Agency, which also focuses on defining a test strategy where we test different combinations of placements, creative and communication to optimize the ad spend and maximize the ROI.

Growing the Business

Scale: Just as businesses grow, so does their need to scale up the marketing operations which we, at MTLB, handle with increased resources and advanced capabilities. Each account has a dedicated Account Manager, Strategist, Native Advertising manager, and Operations specialists. And with increased spending, we structure our team, technologies, and platforms in a way that is cost effective and strategic than hiring an in-house team.

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