Inbound Marketing

Attract qualified prospects by addressing the
needs of your ideal customers

Inbound Marketing

Attract qualified prospects by addressing the needs of your ideal customers

Inbound Marketing | MTLB

Inbound marketing is the technique of creating a pull towards your website that brings your target audience to your portal and encourages them to take the desired action.

How Do We Do That?

We create attractive, useful and valuable content and experiences on the website that fulfill an objective for your target audience, thus encouraging them to land on your website. The idea is to create effective content that brings the visitors to your site voluntarily. They come looking for genuine information or experience.

Data First Inbound Marketing Solutions

As Inbound Marketing Consultants, we first work with visitor data to map user activity on your website. Based on that, we create effective consumption, experience and action points on your web page that amounts to a tangible result.

The Process

The inbound digital marketing process does not end with getting the consumers on your website. Until they take the desirable action, the process isn’t complete. Our Data First Inbound Process involves four stages, that interact with your consumers at different stages of their buyer journey

Attracting The Right Audience

Not everyone out there is your customer. The idea of inbound marketing is to get the attention of the people who are interested in your product / service and are most likely to convert. This begins with analysing your users’ intent and interest. By offering useful and relevant information or experiences, we catch the potential consumers’ interests and bring them to explore your product / service.

Well-researched, comprehensive, data first and content lead inbound marketing strategies are of essence here. This includes planning the content formats, like blogs, videos, white papers, infographics, etc; identifying the right platforms to deploy or place the content like microsites, blog pages, landing pages, social networks, etc. and reviewing the performance of each content piece at every stage to optimise it for better results.

Keeping The Audience Engaged

Once the user is on your platform, it is important to keep him involved, and wanting more. As an inbound marketing company, we deploy various techniques to do that; depending on the buyer persona, we create engagements to keep the visitors hooked and encourage them to keep coming back. These can be conversations, emails, chat bots. It is important to personalise this interaction, for the visitor to feel important and engaged.

Once a visitor is engaged, you have already boosted his changes of conversion by 2X. Data collection tools like lead forms and CTA buttons help in collecting useful information. By deploying smart placement and offering gratification, we collect user information, populate the CRM and use the data to serve personalised communication and experiences to users.

Delighting and Converting

Our inbound marketing agency team makes smart use of user data to help you offer personalised and highly relevant information and experiences to your potential customer. By using different communication forms like emailers, and marketing automation we help you start conversations that are tailored to your audiences’ needs, location, timeline. By offering personalised, contextual information we delight your already engaged audience, leading to a successful conversion.

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