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Adding Humor & Relatability Social Media Strategy Right

Most people think the key to mastering social media is through technology. The more tech-savvy and updated you are, the more your social media stats would grow. Right?


While technology no doubt comes handy to get a grip on social media; emotion and information are what run central to it. Mastering just technology would never help you to go viral, but mastering psychology might.


Well, for most people, social media has now become their very source of information. That information might be local, national or international. That is why social media accounts that share trending information or current affairs always seem to do so well. A lot of brands and celebrities too leverage trending information to direct attention towards them. That might be by either linking the information with their product/service or by sharing an opinion.

Actress Twinkle Khanna tweets actively on political situation in India

Another way of engaging people on social media is through emotions. By appealing to a consumer’s emotions you become relatable and make them remember you. And in a time where memes and gags run the internet, there can be no better emotional agent than humor.

A lot of brands and celebrities who are on the top of their game in social media rely on edgy humor to gain more interaction. Even brands that sell “boring” products, have used humor to transform the way people perceive them. Since these witty posts get more shares, it leads to more exposure for a brand and helps it compete even without large digital budgets.

Let’s take a look at some of the accounts that have followed these strategies and amplified their social media presence.

Traffic Police Jaipur

When it comes to virality, there is nothing that comes close to timely humor. The same template worked brilliantly for Traffic Police Jaipur, an account managed by MTLB, Jaipur. Just a couple of days after India lost the Champions League final against Pakistan, the Facebook page of Traffic Police Jaipur posted this image.


A subtle message to drivers on how crossing the line could be costly, the post struck a chord with the audience who started sharing it across the platform. Within no time, the post became viral appearing in popular social pages and leading media channels.

Jaipur Traffic Police Bumrah Ad in Media

In fact, it became so popular that even a billboard was installed in Jaipur to get the message of road safety across. The post reached its peak of virality, when Jasprit Bumrah, the bowler whose unfateful no ball was used as an example to drive the message, posted a not so happy response on Twitter and Instagram.

Jaipur Traffic Police Ad Bumrah Response

The matter was picked up once again on social media, with people debating whether it was insensitive and mocking or just cheeky with no harm intended. Nevertheless, it did a brilliant job of making the public take notice and illustrate the importance of following rules.


Another good example of timely humor was PayTM’s response to demonetization.

PayTM demonetization tweet


For brands looking to be edgy with their social media marketing, Zomato can be a bible. With witty copies placed against minimal graphics, the brand has been entertaining its followers since long.

Zomato's witty social media campaign
Zomato’s spin on a famous India-Pakistan cricket banter

And it doesn’t stop just with product promotion. Zomato is also a legend in Twitter banters with brands and known for its snappy replies.

Amazon's funny tweet to Zomato

Zomato's funny reply to Amazon on Twitter
Zomato turns the tables on Amazon

Virender Sehwag

Being active on social media is something that you’d expect of every cricketer – active or retired. While most of the famous cricketers like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar just maintain a sporadic presence making a post every now and then to stay connected with their fans, Virender Sehwag has been using the platform to its maximum potential.

Whether it’s a national issue or something related to sports, Sehwag has an opinion on everything. And just like his batting style, it’s aggressive and edgy. A late entrant on Twitter, Sehwag has still managed to gain a massive following thanks to his wit – something that has seamlessly transcended to his commentary style too, giving his tweets more authenticity.

Virender Sehwag's Tweet on Kabaddi World Cup
Taking a dig on England after Kabaddi World Cup Finals

Sehwag's funny tweet congratulation Ashwin
Viru has his own way of congratulating his colleagues

Justin Trudeau

At times, where the world is getting increasingly conservative and elected leaders are becoming more hard-aligned, Justin Trudeau has managed to carve a niche of his own.

One of the most followed world leaders, the charismatic Canadian Prime Minister comes off liberal minded, empathising, and a relatable human being. He speaks a language that connects with both young and old Canadians on their level, which is exactly what social media is all about.

His authenticity shines through with his live-in-the-moment tweets that provide a glimpse of the colour and tempo of his everyday life, instead of just pre-planned tweets that include stock updates and press releases.

The feeling that he is not untouchable, but “only a tweet away” is exciting and makes people feel connected to him.

Justin Trudeau's tweet on Halloween
Justin Trudeau shares a personal moment from Halloween

Justin Trudeau tweet condemning terrorist attack
Condemns an attack while not vilifying a particular religion for it

Social media provides a great medium for brands and celebs to create personal connections with people. By using emotions such as humor and empathy you can show your fans that you or your brand are human and relatable.

Sure, it might not get direct sales but it is a great way to build consumer awareness and deepen loyalties, that ultimately help brands grow.

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