Google Tag Manager

Streamline the process of tracking and using
user interaction data

Google Tag Manager

Streamline the process of tracking and using
user interaction data

Google Tag Manager is a tag management solution which helps you place and manage javascript code snippets on your website.
It simplifies the process of fulfilling your website/app tracking requirements and send this information to third parties such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, DoubleClick, Floodlight and more. Our six years’ experience as a Google Tag Manager Agency (from just about the time it was first introduced) has helped us develop a robust process flow to manage your Google Tags.

We can either help you with the entire process or extend support to your existing team for part of the process, depending on your requirements. However, we prefer getting involved from the beginning so the workflow is efficient and free from glitches. The following are the areas in which we can provide full support

Google Tag Manager Audit

Before setting up Google Tag Manager on your website or proactively making changes to your existing Google Tag Manager setup, we audit your website to best understand your tracking requirements. With this we ensure that the tracking setup is inline with your business objectives.

Google Tag Manager Account Setup

This involves setting up Google Tag Manager on your website in a structured manner to ensure seamless data flow to the third parties. Without proper account setup, one might face discrepancies in their data. We ensure proper setup with our Google Tag Manager Implementation Service.

Tag immersion & measurement planning

Before any tag is added, we review your requirements to understand which framework will best support your analytics needs. We help you define the tracking plan which best supports your decision making process.


We help you do the groundwork of actually adding the tags, triggers and variables to your web or app pages, based on the required analytics framework. With straightforward naming conventions and GTM structure we make sure that the businesses do not face any complexity in understanding the setup.

Testing and Debugging

It is one of the most crucial part of the entire implementation. With rigorous testing and debugging, we help you maintain the sanity of the data.

Training:  We are also happy to provide you with  thorough training on your GTM installation, that’ll help you keep up the game, moving forward. You may request for our Google Tag Manager support before or after the installation is complete, so you know exactly how GTM has been implemented on your website or app.

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