Google Analytics

Optimize your budget,
identify business driving KPIs

Google Analytics

Optimize your budget,
identify business driving KPIs

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Google Analytics: Taking The data first approach

As a premium Google Partner Agency, we help you identify revenue driving KPIs and optimize your marketing spends for higher returns by leveraging our data analysis expertise.

Process Flow

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Define Your Unique Business Goal

Goals are effectively the business targets that are set to ensure that your website is moving in the right direction. By setting the right kind of goals, we help you identify the KPIs that drive revenue and hence make data-backed decisions.

Examples of Business Goals:

Increase revenue from online sales

Grow business from repeat customers

Improve conversion on leads

Define Measurement Framework

A measurement framework defines what will amount to “Success” or “Goals” in your marketing strategy, considering your business objective. To set the measurement framework, you may need to consider if your website is currently equipped to handle and segment the above Goals separately. And also, which of your marketing channels are actually contributing towards achieving these Goals, which need to be optimised to drive better returns.

Behavioural Analytics

With Google Analytics, we guide you on how to segment your audience on the basis of their interactions with your website. This may include segmentation based on their shopping behaviour, checkout behaviour or their affinity. This helps businesses to strategically target different audience segments.

Supplement External Data Onto Analytics for Robust Decision-Making

With Google Analytics Integrations with various marketing platforms, we’ll help you compare their respective success rates. This will allow you to assess the ROI of these platforms. Using this insight, you can prepare well-informed strategies while allocating budgets. This data may include:

Media costs

Offline conversions

Sales data from CRM and more

Engagement Module (What We Offer)

Google Analytics Consulting: Google Analytics is a great tool to interpret data from your marketing. However, standard implementation of Google Analytics does not suffice the comprehensive needs of business and marketing decision making. What you need is a customised and strategic implementation of Google Analytics that will help to extract more value from the analysis. As Google Analytics Partners, we offer expert consultation on Google Analytics which helps you identify actionable insights to meet your business objectives.

Google Analytics Audits & Implementation: We offer strategic, custom implementation of Google Analytics that helps businesses explore beyond the standard key metrics in analytics reports.  The insights generated from custom and advanced Google Analytics implementation can help decision makers gain a broader perspective of optimisation requirements and strategic allocations as per marketing spends.

Google Analytics Training: With our deep expertise in Google Analytics implementation and usage, we love to educate our clients about the tool. This helps them understand how Google Analytics can be of great assistance in achieving business objectives.

Google Analytics Agency | MTLB

Basic Setup

  • Universal Analytics Account.
  • Goal Conversion Tracking
  • Funnel Visualizations
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Cross Domain Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Youtube Tracking
  • Scroll Tracking
  • Adwords Integration
  • Adsense Integration
  • Double Click Integration
  • Webmaster Tools Integration

Advanced Setup

  • Custom Reports
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  • Content Grouping
  • Custom Channel Grouping
  • Custom Cost Data Uploading
    • Facebook Ads Cost
    • LinkedIn Ad Costs
    • SEO Costs
    • Affiliate Cost uploading
  • Attribution Modeling
  • TroubleShooting
  • Custom Audience Segments For Remarketing
  • User Level Analytics
  • Search Console Automation
  • Search Bar Tracking

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I would like to discuss: