Why is Google advertising?

We have all seen the latest Google Video. It’s being talked about on every timeline, comment and tweet. And this is what usually happens when Google comes up with something.

But a lot of us are asking, and have been asking since 2013, when it’s first Indian commercial video got viral, that why does Google, being Google, need to advertise?

In many countries including the USA, several search engines are popular, Google, being just one of them. India, however, is different. Here, any search other than Google seems either pre-historic (Yahoo) or alien (Bing, AOL). Thus, Google remains the undisputed leader of searches. Then, why is it suddenly making videos, emphasizing the benefits of Google search?

There may be two major reasons for it: Competition & Foresight. Let’s take them up one by one. When we say competition, we’re usually referring to direct competition, like engines offering the same services – ‘search’.

Google has far beaten all of them in India. But what about the ‘indirect competition’ it faces from apps and popular websites? Today, the market is flooded with websites, blogs, eMagazines, convenience and informative apps that are designed to bypass Google. Mobile internet is booming and everything is available there! Looking for a restaurant in a location? Get Zomato. Looking for movie reviews? Download BookMyShow. Wish to know about a person, place or thing? Install Wikiwand!

Thus, Google, which is an information source (or rather a tool to find it) for our daily needs and curiosities, now finds itself being skipped for the same purpose. It feels the need to remain at the top of people’s minds, fingertips and default browsers by reminding them of its magic.

The second reason may be foresight. This is one quality that Google has always possessed and one of the biggest ingredients for its popularity – it thinks ahead. From a time when Google was always set in our browser to a time when people are using ‘Facebook’ and ‘Internet’ interchangeably, Netizens have come a long way. Facebook now has it’s own search, trends, tags and of course the largest network of people contributing unique content every minute. Google tried its hands on social networking and micro blogging but hasn’t quite been able to create as big a community, in spite of being the keeper of most online accesses through Gmail accounts.

Though, currently Apps, Social Sites and Google are all doing very well in their unique markets, generally exclusive in their service domain, with expanding knowledge bases and services, they may soon overlap in their most popular services and pose a competition to each other.

And with digital inventions flooding the market, one can also not rule out the possibility of a new tool or service emerging in the digital space with the power to sabotage the magic of the most popular websites today. In such a situation, along with novelty of ideas, what India will also need is an emotional connect with a brand it conceives as it’s own and continues to trust over any other.

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