Email Marketing

Develop long-lasting relationships with customers

Email Marketing

Develop long-lasting relationships with customers

Email Marketing | MTLB

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique which advertisers use not only to promote products and/or services but also to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. MTLB is an Email Marketing Agency that engages with clients at early stages of their email campaigns to help understand their objectives, provide a comprehensive strategy and communication plan, implement the plans with suitable mail providers and optimize the campaigns to maximize the ROI.

Our Approach: The Data First Approach

Check Goals

What is the objective of the campaign? Is it newsletter subscription, direct sales or after sales follow-up? Is there an accurate tracking setup to measure the results? Pertinent questions revolving around goal and goal tracking form the foundation basis of our Email marketing practices and without which, we don’t go ahead with any campaigns.

Define KPIs:

How can we measure success for our campaigns? Do you want to measure Open rates or Click through rates? Key Performance Indicators not only help us to quantify our success but also help us understand where we could have gone wrong and how we can improve on it going forward.

How We Make The Impact

Devise Email Strategy:

Once the goals and KPIs are defined, it is important to craft a long-term strategy which not only talk about tweaking the email content or audience segmentation but takes into consideration all the facets of email marketing such as audience lists, audience segmentation, communication plan, mail service providers, landing page design and all the other prerequisites to make the campaign a success.

Designing Communication Plan:

 Along the lines of the strategy, we as a full-service email marketing agency, design a communication plan depending on the campaign goal, ensuring that the right kind of message is conveyed to the audience. This message could be audio, visual or textual depending on what suits best at the different stages on client interaction.

Optimization & Testing:

Once the campaign is set up as per the defined strategy and performance starts flowing in, the focus moves towards optimization. Instead of only sticking with standard practices such as audience segmentation and direct selling, we also focus on defining a test strategy. Here, we test different combinations of placement, creative and communication to optimize the advertising spend and maximize the ROI.

Growing the Business

Scale: Just as businesses grow, so does their need to scale up the marketing operations which we, at MTLB, manage with increased resources and advanced capabilities. Each account has a dedicated Account Manager, Strategist, Email Marketing Consultants, and Operations specialists. And with increased spending, we structure our team, technologies, and platforms in a way that is cost effective and strategic than hiring an in-house team.

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