Dynamic Content

Deliver personalised content to each
user to increase CTRs

Dynamic Content

Deliver personalised content to each user to increase CTRs

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Personalization has become the next big frontier when it comes to progressive online marketing strategies and content has a major role to play in it. Dynamic content is a natural fit for the way today’s consumers interact with brands online. It supercharges personalization, allowing marketers to deliver individual users different content that helps to increase CTRs and reduce attrition rates.

As your dynamic content management agency, MTLB will help you to create a customized experience for your users by analyzing their preferences and using the right technology to orchestrate your interaction with them to satisfy their needs. By implementing a dynamic-content strategy, will allow your organization to make the most of available resources and the customer data you’ve collected.

Progressive Profiling

By using services like Pardot, we help you to progressively profile your leads at different conversion points. This means that if they are filling a lead form on your website to access one resource (e.g. downloading a white paper), they won’t be asked to fill in the same information while accessing a different resource (e.g. requesting a demo).
This enables a better experience for your visitors since they are not required to repeatedly provide the same information for every form. It also allows you to obtain more information from your users at different contact points with distinct form fields.

Smart Web Content

By using dynamic content management system, we tailor content on a particular page of your website according to each visitor’s preferences. For e.g., showing the closest available retail store as per a viewer’s location, highlighting the most relevant products based on the visitors website browsing history, or using dynamic banners to show them relevant offers.
Smarter web content will not only make your website more engaging to visitors but it can increase transactions too. It’ll help to make your calls to action more persuasive, your products more enticing, and your conversion points more effective.

Personalized Emails

Using dynamic content, we can personalize emails way beyond than just the salutation. It can help you tailor your monthly promotional emails as per the customer’s purchase history or area of interest. Similarly offers, new product range, services and events broadcasted through emails can be be tailored to display only those that match a prospect’s needs.

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