Data First Marketing Is About
Creating A Measurable Business

Data first Marketing Is About
Creating A Measurable Business Impact

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Putting data first helps you evolve your marketing campaign to focus on measurable business growth. We help you develop a strategy for data collection and processing, based on your current market insights, creating real business impact.

Defining A Data First Marketing Roadmap

Focus On Business Results

As a ROI driven marketing agency, we help you transform your digital marketing vision to include data driven insights and strategies that deliver tangible business results. To help you build these, we rely on our rich industry experience, industry best practices, performance benchmarks and our proprietary Performance Propelling Intelligence to launch your Data First strategy.

Effective Technology Implementation

We make use of advanced technologies innovatively to explore the maximum potential of the data landscape available to your business that ensure the development of optimum performance framework.

Propel The Performance Path

By leveraging analytics tools like Google Analytics, Firebase, HootSuite, SEMrush, and Automation, we evaluate and interpret marketing data, so it can work harder to deliver highly effective business results.

Embed The Complete Data Cycle

As a Data Driven Marketing Agency, while developing the Data First strategy, we utilise the complete lifecycle of your data including critical micro-insights that help us develop an effective plan for every stage of the performance journey.

Step-by-step Performance

These micro-implementations of Data First strategy help you assimilate and enhance performance at every stage. Propelling Perceptible Performance: The Data First framework equips you to make better choices in your marketing decisions, driving business results that are tangible. Read some of our case studies on how we helped marketers make better decision based using Data First.

Set-up for Success

  1. Make analytics work for you : Rely on technology use Google Analytics, Firebase or Omniture to setup the framework
    1. Gearing Analytics tools for success whether it is conversion rate tracking, funnel visualization or customer journey mapping
    2. Set-up measurement protocols to effectively gather real time data so that we can measure ROAS  on each Channel whether its Social Media , SEO, Or Paid Acquisition Investments more effectively
    3. Set-up Attribution Modeling in order to make smarter choices.
  1. Focus on Outcomes at the Onset: Rely on technology use Display Planner, Search Planner, SEMrush to quantify outcomes
    1. Quantify the market opportunity before setting your marketing processes. What is the marketing opportunity, do a quick analysis on number of searches happening with regards to your product or service
    2. Quantify the addressable market Size: Once you have the above focus on how many of these are addressable based on your business model size and investment
    3. Quantify Intent of the user: Are you looking to be discovered or are you focusing on conversion, the intent of the user becomes critical when defining your desired outcomes
  1. Collect Data in all forms: whether its phone calls made to your business, or leads forms filled technology to be used : CRM, Analytics,
  2. Benchmark against desired outcomes: Are my marketing objectives fulfilled?

As a Performance Marketing Agency, we ensure the support system that you need for Marketing Decision Making.