Fuel Your Campaigns With
Intelligent Data

Fuel Your Advertising
Campaigns With Intelligent Data

Data-driven marketing has become a buzzword in today’s marketing scheme of things but what we often fail to realize is how trustworthy that data really is. Is the proper tracking in place? Are the desired metrics/ KPIs being tracked? And, most importantly, is the data we see really accurate?

This is where MTLB (one of the Google Partner Agencies) has a unique approach of defining and ensuring of that the goals and their respective KPIs are in place well before initiating a campaign comes into the picture as compared to other digital media buying agencies. Once these essentials are in place, we go about defining the best campaign type which can deliver the desired message across to the target audience depending on which stage they are in the buying funnel, to result in the desired business action on our client’s website/ app at the most optimum cost possible. This way both us and our clients have a clear vision of the big picture, our current standing and how best to get there. Furthermore, the data obtained from our campaigns is in turn used to fuel other advertising campaigns which multiply the impact on the clients’ goal ROI while also reducing the advertising costs. Thus, a data first acquisition approach sets the right tone and tempo for where we are and where we want to be. This approach differentiates us from the other paid marketing companies.

Our Paid acquisition services include:

Paid search

At the heart of any search acquisition campaign is the need for optimisation to meet and exceed your measurable goals

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Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media is the ability to serve the right advertisements, to the right people, at the right time using targeted data points

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Paid Social

Social Media is the single most effective direct line of communication that the brands can have with their prospective customers.

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Retargeting (or remarketing) is the most cost-effective and highly profitable way of targeting people who have interacted with your product or service offering at least once .

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique which advertisers use not only to promote products & services but also to develop relationships with potential customers & clients.

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Native Advertising

Native Advertising is blending your paid ads into the form and function of the content around it. Position yourself in consumer’s mind and drive them take the desired action.

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Shopping Advertising

Shopping Advertising is targeting potential customers with product image ads, who are looking to purchase products online..

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Display Advertising

Display Advertising uses visual creatives to convey a message to the target audience and push them towards the desired business action.

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