Fuel Your Campaigns With
Intelligent Data

Fuel Your Advertising
Campaigns With Intelligent Data

Data First Aqusition | MTLB

Data-driven marketing has become a buzzword in today’s marketing scheme of things but what we often fail to realize is how trustworthy that data really is. Is the proper tracking in place? Are the desired metrics/ KPIs being tracked? And, most importantly, is the data we see really accurate?

This is where MTLB (one of the Google Partner Agencies) has a unique approach of defining and ensuring of that the goals and their respective KPIs are in place well before initiating a campaign comes into the picture as compared to other digital media buying agencies. Once these essentials are in place, we go about defining the best campaign type which can deliver the desired message across to the target audience depending on which stage they are in the buying funnel, to result in the desired business action on our client’s website/ app at the most optimum cost possible. This way both us and our clients have a clear vision of the big picture, our current standing and how best to get there. Furthermore, the data obtained from our campaigns is in turn used to fuel other ad campaigns which multiply the impact on the clients’ goal ROI while also reducing the advertising costs. Thus, a data first acquisition approach sets the right tone and tempo for where we are and where we want to be. This approach differentiates us from the other paid marketing companies.

Our Paid acquisition services include:

Paid search Marketing | MTLB
Paid search

Depending on where the user is in your marketing funnel, we develop data-first acquisition strategies by focusing on the intent and addressing the same with actionable/ gratification so as to maximize the value out of our ad spent towards the prospective customer.

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Programmatic media | MTLB
Programmatic Media

We leverage the right mix of 1st party and 3rd party data while using the best suited DSPs to reach out to the target individual and get the communication across with appropriate creatives.

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Social media advertisements | MTLB
Paid Social

We utilize user personas to develop audience profiles on social media and then target the same dedicated campaign types to drive business value for the client. This way you know that you have consulted a good paid acquisition marketing consultant.

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Retargeting Campaigns | MTLB

Depending on the type of retargeting method, we devise strategies to reach out to the previous visitors of our website with the right communication to maximize our ROI manifolds.

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Email Marketing | MTLB
Email Marketing

We analyze our client’s user database, segment audiences according to interaction with the brand and send personalized emails to not only promote client’s marketing goals but also help develop relationships.

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Native Advertising | MTLB
Native Advertising

We identify placements, ad formats, and ads vendor to reach out to our target audience in an unobtrusive manner and ensure high conversion rates for our clients.

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Shopping Ads | MTLB
Shopping Advertising

Unlike other paid acquisition agencies, we target the customer’s intent to purchase with relevant value proposition while continually experimenting in ways we can reach far and wide while further lowering the costs.

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Display Advertising | MTLB
Display Advertising

We use a combination of advanced audience targeting methods to reach out to target audience and effectively communicate our intended message while ensuring maximum exposure at minimal costs.

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