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“Content is King” is an adage that has been used in marketing for long. But kingdoms seldom thrive if the king isn’t held accountable. Content Marketing is a very important strategy for brands to bring out their Unique Selling Proposition (USP), communicate what they stand for, and find their voice in this busy marketplace. But jumping on the content marketing bandwagon without a properly-defined and actionable strategy is a mistake a lot of companies usually make.

A content strategy not only makes chaotic and irregular content production efficient and streamlined, but it also helps you analyse how fruitful your efforts by giving you an ROI statistic.

At MTLB, we’ll help you craft a content strategy for the web that is customised as per your industry. While every strategy we do is unique to the client’s requirements, but here are a few common elements we usually suggest.

Content Strategy Consulting Process

Defining Your Goals

Do you want more traffic, conversions, awareness, sales or retention?

While defining the goals might seem to be the most logical step but you would be surprised how many organisations skip this crucial step in a rush to get to the execution. It is critical for everyone involved to understand your overall goals in order to achieve them.

How we go about achieving each of these goals can however differ from one organisation to the other.

Defining Your Target Audience

To produce content that speaks to your customers, you need to define and understand them first. You have to ask yourself questions like, are your customers active on social media? If so, what social networks are they using the most? What industry blogs are your customers already reading? Obviously traditional demographic data will come into play here as well.

Assessing Existing Inventory

Unless you are launching a brand new website or project, you probably already have some content that could be better utilised and promoted. By doing content strategy audits and creating an inventory of existing promotional content, we can repurpose or update it so they sound relevant again.

Competitor Analysis

Assessing your competitors content marketing strategy can give you the strongest insight of how you can stand out in the market. Not only will you have a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t, you’ll also know about the gray areas of the market you can probe into and become a thought leader in. This’ll help shape up your content production plans and provide you with a gauge to measure the quality of the content you produce.

Keyword Research

In order to produce content that reaches out to your ideal customer, you first need to know what they are searching for.

Selecting the right keywords for content marketing is vitally important as it helps you understand what questions your customers have and what keywords they Google when they are looking for answers. Understanding these keywords will help you produce content that solves your customer’s problems.

Topic Research

Once you have selected your keywords you need to generate topic ideas around them. Keep track of what’s trending and being talked about in your niche. Find content pieces that have been successful in the past in your space and ask yourself if they could be improved upon or reimagined.

Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is an absolute must as it helps you stick to a plan.

If you don’t have a very detailed calendar, your content creation will become sporadic and eventually fall off entirely. We’ll help you determine how many pieces of content you are doing each month and who will be responsible for the various parts of each project.

Content Creation

Finally, it's time to create some content!

With a team of writers whose skill set and experiences match up with the content you are trying to produce, we’ll help you to start generating the content that suits your needs.

Measure Success

Noteworthily , this is the most essential piece of the puzzle!

This is another brainer that a lot of organizations struggle with implementing. Now that you have defined in your goals how you are going to measure success, it is important to keep a track of your progress. And the best tool to keep a track of this is data. As your content strategy agency, we believe in not just measuring the usual Social Engagement, Links & Conversions but more importantly the ROI a particular content marketing campaign has delivered.

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