Copy And Content

Copy and Content

Your customers just love a good story,
allow us to write you one

Copy and Content

Your customers just love a good story,
allow us to write you one

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MTLB, as a leading content marketing company believes that an idea is only as good as the message that conveys it. In today’s world, with stiff competition everywhere, to be an impactful content planning company it is imperative that we stay ahead of our game to prove your brand value.

With focused efforts, our team of strategic content writers and copywriters, editors and proofreaders, help you create attractive communication for your brand that cuts the clutter and brings home the desired results.

Strong ideation with consistent efforts forms the backbone of our team, enabling us to bring to you the best possible strategy. We not only work around your message, but also ensure that your budget is satisfied.

Content Planning

Building content is not an overnight task. It takes a considerable amount of patience and research to create the right content that will convey the right message to your audience.

Defining the placement of content assists in targeting audience that is spread over different  platforms. As per the services of a content planning agency, the process of copywriting and content creation involves studying your product / service, market trends, buyer profiles, competitor messaging and of course, ideation.

Content Planning Process


Who is the competition?
Market Analysis
SEO Keywords (for digital)
Research is the key to great content. Our team carries out complete and thorough analysis before presenting you with the final strategy. Right from competitor understanding to market analysis we undertake every aspect included in the gamut of brand positioning and recognition.

Assign the Task

Specialists in the industry
Pipeline of content and copywriting schedules
Pre-set timelines of deliverables
You have a brand to promote and we have just the right team to help you do that! With heavy timebound deliverables, core industry experts and a thoroughly planned pipeline of schedules, get the best minds to create a fabulous creative for you!


Bifurcate articles, blogs, videos and audios
Story telling of content
Submit drafts to editors and proofreaders
Final presentation
To make your brand a success you need a mix of audio-visual content, concise articles and blogs with the right amount of story that the message it should convey. Our team of bloggers, proof-readers and editors articulate your message to present your audience a brand that they can resonate with. We believe in the power of presentation that is aimed at giving the audience a brand name that they will call their own!


Assess the graphics to be used
Placement of content
Submit to client with process flow
Execution is one of the most crucial elements in any creative and we have mastered it! With continuous efforts, we identify the timelines in which stories need to be posted, the target audience and its group, assess the graphics that will convey your message in the strongest way possible as well as develop a comprehensive flow chart to make the process simpler.

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