Design-Oriented Ideation Process

Creating designs that are attractive,
focused, and effective in their purpose

Design-Oriented Ideation Process

Creating designs that are attractive,
focused, and effective in their purpose

Designs with purpose: Marketing designs have a purpose that goes beyond satiating your need to appreciate beauty. They have an objective to meet, and that is exactly what we bring to the table. At MTLB we believe in creating designs fueled with ideas that work in the real world. However fancy an idea may be, if it doesn’t potentially fetch the desired results, it does not impress us. Strong ideas form the basis of all our communications and creations. Further, we have a thorough evaluation and execution mechanism in place that ensures that each idea, each marketing strategy, each creative communication design is focussed and does justice to your marketing budget.

Communication Design Planning


Purposeful designs start with a strategy in place. The strategy of a creative or a campaign is defined by the objective it wants to achieve, the most effective platform for its execution, audience and location it wants to target. It requires thorough research of the product and the market, followed by keen observation of audience trends as well as design trends. These help in visualising the communication and analysing its effectiveness on the audience.


The next step is conceptualising the design. A good concept marries the visual with the communication in an effortless and effective way. Our designs are fueled with unique ideas for communication and execution that bring out the message sharply.


Once the concept and the message is planned, the creation of the design is taken up. Our team of visualisers graphic designs and art directors then work together to bring the design alive.


Once the design is ready, and before the final execution the design is tested for its effectiveness. Depending on the platform of publishing, mocks are made for effective testing and execution and exposed to a target sample. Our production studio then prepares the final artworks of designs and sends it for production.

Production tie-ups

As a turn-key communication design agency, MTLB is happy to offer a single point solution to all your design needs including production. We have veteran printers and publishers who work with us round the year to produce excellent quality work for our partners.

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