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Tracking 404 errors with Google Analytics

Analytics, Digital Marketing
  • 14 Aug
  • Vishal Bhatia
‘404 error page’ – These 3 words can be a nightmare for a developer and sad face for a website user. Often users lose interest when they see a 404, therefore it is essential for websites to regularly track these errors and fix them before losing out on the potential conversions or should I say, Read More

Humor and Relatability – Tricks To Get Your Social Media Strategy Right

Advertising, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Social Media, Twitter, Youtube
  • 28 Jun
  • admin
Most people think the key to mastering social media is through technology. The more tech-savvy and updated you are, the more your social media stats would grow. Right? Wrong. While technology no doubt comes handy to get a grip on social media; emotion and information are what run central to it. Mastering just technology would Read More

The magic ingredient in high lead-generating campaigns

Advertising, content Marketing, Digital Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Landing pages, lead generation
  • 19 Jun
  • admin
You know you have an awesome product. All you need to do is take it to the potential customer online and he’ll buy it, right? Wrong. No matter how amazing the product may be, there are too many distractions on the digital space to have your customers easily bowled over by your product alone. Online Read More

How to create a killer Digital Marketing strategy: 3-step guide

Advertising, Analytics, Campaigns, Digital Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Education, Facebook, Google, Social Media, Youtube
  • 12 Jun
  • admin
Everyone’s going digital; I’m sure you are too. Whether you are new to digital marketing or a new business entirely, creating a digital marketing strategy is going to be one of the most important steps you’ll take towards a profitable marketing campaign. Even if you’ve tried digital marketing earlier and are now looking to up Read More

5 reasons why your digital marketing strategy isn’t working

Advertising, Campaigns, content Marketing, Content marketing, Digital Campaigns, Facebook
  • 02 Jun
  • admin
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already tried your hands on digital marketing, but in vein and are right now in troubleshooting mode. Well, don’t be disappointed. While you may have been hearing a zillion people say how digital marketing is working wonders for their brands, there have also been plenty of disasters to Read More

Be omnipresent in a multi-platform world

Advertising, Analytics
  • 03 Nov
  • Navpreet Singh
Before people are ready to begin searching online to buy something, they discover the products and services they’ll end up buying through many different channels. There’s not always an impulsive shopper present on the end. Those channels include various review portals, social networking sites and other dedicated apps. They would go through various Moments of Read More

How paid marketing affects organic growth

Analytics, Campaigns, Digital Campaigns
  • 24 Oct
  • Navpreet Singh
We usually measure the direct impact of paid marketing. Overlooking how it changes users’ behaviours and their search habits. The CTAs and keywords they usually see on ads embed at the back of their head. When typing in the search bar, they resurface. Making the search more targeted and specific. People who saw Facebook ads Read More

The art and science of Personalisation

Campaigns, Content marketing, Digital Campaigns, Google
  • 11 Oct
  • Sidharth Goel
Personalising your digital campaigns does not end with inserting the receiver’s name after “Hi” or “Dear”. It does not even begin there. The real trick is to map the intent of your potential customers and communicate to them the right thing at the right time. Here’s how you can do this: As a digitally active organisation, Read More

Why is Google advertising?

Advertising, Digital Campaigns, Google, Social Media, Youtube
  • 23 Jun
  • admin
We have all seen the latest Google Video. It’s being talked about on every timeline, comment and tweet. And this is what usually happens when Google comes up with something. But a lot of us are asking, and have been asking since 2013, when it’s first Indian commercial video got viral, that why does Google, Read More

Why resort to cheap luring tactics online?

Campaigns, Content marketing, content Marketing, Digital Campaigns, Education, Social Media
  • 15 Jun
  • admin
WHEN YOU CAN HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS MAKE INFORMED CHOICES.  Customers today are more informed about products, features and options than they ever were. With access to information becoming extremely easy through social sharing, it is impossible to lure them with overpromises or twisted facts, unless they are extremely lazy! Then why not play the game Read More